Our Team


David Leyonhjelm

Lead Senate Candidate (NSW)

Elected in 2013, David Leyonhjelm is the first member of an Australian parliament from a libertarian party. He also managed the Liberal Democrats’ federal election campaigns in 2007, 2010 and 2013. He has a classical liberal outlook, favouring individual choice and freedom over government intrusion.


Gabe Buckley

National President

Lead Senate Candidate (QLD)

The government needs to spend less time (and money) worrying about what we drink, who we sleep with and whether or not we’ve got our seatbelts on; and more time safeguarding the rights and freedoms of ordinary Australians. As parents, consumers and citizens, we are in the best position to decide what is best for us, not the faceless bureaucrats of Canberra

Sam Kennard

“Sam has had a successful career in business for many years, leading his self-storage company – Kennards Self Storage.
With over two decades’ experience, growing it from 14 centres in 1994 to over 80 today across Australia and New Zealand, he has extensive experience in the business, property, and self-storage industries. His career also takes in large scale acquisitions and mergers.”

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Abe Salt

Vice President


Duncan Spender


Lead Senate Candidate (VIC)


Clinton Mead

Councillor – City of Campbelltown

Lead Senate Candidate (TAS)


Graeme Klass

Lead Senate Candidate (WA)


Jeff Pettett

Councillor – Ku-Ring-Gai Council

Member – Federal Executive


Michael Noack

Branch Coordinator (SA)


Peter Whelan

Branch Coordinator (NSW)

Member – Federal Executive


Jim Fryar

Member – Federal Executive


Roostam Sadri

Lead Senate Candidate (SA)


Matt Donnelly

Lead Senate Candidate (ACT)

What is classical liberalism

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