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$100/ year

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    $70/ year

      Annual Membership (concession)

      $35/ year
        Donations are tax deductible up to $1,500 for individuals and contributions under $12,800 are not publicly disclosed.

        Donations by individuals (but not organisations) are tax deductible up to $1500. Donations by candidates are fully deductible provided the funds are used to assist their campaign.
        Receipts are issued on request.

        Financial membership

        Financial membership costs $70 ($35 concession) and is renewable annually on 1 January. Life membership costs $1500.

        Payment Options

        There are several options for paying membership fees and donations.

        • PayPal: Use the button below. You require a credit card but a PayPal account is not needed.
        • Direct deposit: BSB 112879 Acct no 3075083 Acct name Liberal Democratic Party Be sure to include your name so the payment can be identified.
        • Credit card: We accept mail and telephone orders only. Download a membership form and complete the payment details.
        • Cheque: Personal and bank cheques and Postal Orders. Please send to PO Box 636 Drummoyne, NSW, 1470
        • Cash: Sometimes can be accepted at meetings. Do not send through the mail.
        • Bitcoin: Use the corresponding button below, for donation or to purchase membership.

        Thank you for your support.

        Bitcoin Payments

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